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Child Marriage

 Child Marriage

Children are considered the future of the nation. Children help the country to develop new ideas and innovation in the mere future. But these children can fall prey to various crimes. Children are considered to be the most vulnerable group as the crime against them are child marriage, child trafficking, etc. 

According to the World Health Organization, defines a child as a person who is a one who is 19 years old and younger to them unless national law provides other age of an adult.  

The adolescent is defined as a person who is in the process of developing from a child to an adult. In India child is defined as a person who is between the ages of 16 to 18 years old.

This article talks about child marriage. Child marriage is defined as the marriage of a boy and girl before the age set by the courts. This custom has prevailed in India for a long time. In India, it was considered that if a girl attains a specific it is better to get her married, in earlier times girls were considered as a  burden on the family. Marriages were seen as a source of income and it was considered to let go of the burden.

UNICEF has observed that the rate of child marriages has decreased in India but still, there are places where this orthodox mentality is followed.

Considering the situation that prevails in India, it was seen by the legislature that there is a need for an act to prevent children from such a heinous crime. This act was called the child marriage restrain act also called as Sarda act. This act was enacted on 1 April 1930 and it was extended across the whole nation .this act defines the age of marriage to be 18 for males and 14 for females. This act was amended in 1940 and 1978 to continue to raise the ages of male and female children.

The other act which states this problem is called the prohibition of child marriage act 2006, this act was introduced on 1st November 2007 and it fixed all the shortcomings of the child marriage restrain act. This act prohibited the crime whereas the earlier act restrained the marriage. These worlds are way different in meaning prohibition means not to do any act whereas restrain is seen as some restriction in doing that act. Though the ages in the acts were similar some sections were changed like earlier it was on the groom and the bride to void the marriage whereas now the marriage is considered void it is not left on the bride or groom.

The acts might be there but there are various other methods to prevent such crime and lower the crime rate ; 

  1. Parental Awareness; in a lot of cases it is seen that parents are unaware of the harmful effects of child marriage .this  is important to make parents aware of such crime.

  2. Campaign for parents; such campaign will help  parents to get aware and raise their voice against the offense 

  3. Student Counseling Classes; schools should take initiative to make students aware of such a crime.

In conclusion, this crime might be reduced but it still prevails. this crime is considered a crime against one's freedom therefore I believe by using this method things can improve further.

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