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India abstain from voting in UNHRC

 The United Nation Human Right Council is an inter-governmental organization in the United Nation. It is responsible for strengthening the promotion & protection of human rights in all over the world. The head quarter of Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) located in Geneva, Switzerland. The OHCHR is a secretariat of Human Right Council. The Human Right Council created in 2006 by the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). The United Nation Human Right Council replaced the United Nations Commission on Human Rights. 

There are 47 member states in the UNHRC which is elected by the UNGA. The seats of the members are divided into 5 states. The 5 states are African States, Asia-Pacific States, Latin America & Caribbean states, Western European & other states & Eastern European States, India is a member of Asia-Pacific States. The members serve for a period of 3 years and not-eligible for immediate re-elections after serving for 2 consecutive terms. 

Recently, India abstained on a vote at the UNHRC in Geneva. The Council moved the resolution to set up at international commission of enquiry into Russia’s actions in Ukraine. Russian declare official war against Ukraine which resulted into the suffering of civilians residing in the Ukraine. Ukraine ask for India help in order to maintain peace in the country and settle the dispute in a amicable manner. India abstain to vote against Russia in the UNHRC which does not allow India to interfere in the war. Recently India launched a evacuation mission in order to evacuate Indian citizen who are confined in Ukraine because of the war declared by Russia against Ukraine. Ukraine also ask for humanitarian assistance from India to which India replied affirmatively. 

There are few incidents where Indian were killed by the Russian armed forces while attacking on Ukraine. This war leads to a devastating situation in the Ukraine & the need to stop for further inhuman practices by the Russian armed forces. India has also abstain from similar resolution in the UNGA & United Nation Security Council (UNSC). India was elected to the council for a period of 3 years in 2019.  

Russia declared a temporary ceasefire in the Russia-Ukraine war to provide Humanitarian corridor for civilian to safely leave the country to reduce civilian casualties. It is a temporary pause in the Russia-Ukraine Conflict by providing demilitarized zones for specific time in a specific area by both the side of the conflicting countries. 


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