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Magnetism of NRI Marriages

 Magnetism of NRI Marriages

The appeal of NRI marriages stems from the belief that they can obtain more possibilities or make more money from those who work in India. Though this is unquestionably incorrect. This is entirely dependent on the type of employment you conduct in India or abroad. This creates a fairy-tale scenario of marrying an Indian who works abroad. This has ramifications since it exposes them to deception and mental or physical abuse, or both, in front of their husband, such as fraudulent marriages, domestic violence, or dowry. NRI grooms frequently take large sums of money or so-called gifts from the Indian bride's family in areas where dowry demand is already excessive, which frequently results in the NRI groom receiving a heavy amount of dowry. Similarly, the bride and her family are subjected to mental abuse by the phoney immigrant agencies who charge exorbitant fees for finding an NRI groom. However, in societies such as India, where 'pride is everything' and social status is always a priority, these consequences and abuses are a tiny price to pay for their social standing.

The allure of marrying an NRI and living in a foreign country, combined with the pride of an Indian family, contributes to the attractiveness of NRI marriages. This, this is merely a societal norm for which people are willing to go to any length to reclaim.

Social ramifications and difficulties in NRI marriages

Over half of the 900 women who replied to a study stated that they aspire to discover their talents and have a fulfilling profession. While 26% want to make a difference in the world, only 13% desire a happy relationship.

This is the pivotal moment - the transition from home to herself. This is one of the findings of a poll performed exclusively for ET Magazine by Sheroes, a social networking platform for women with about 2 million members. A Sheroes member is typically a young urban lady between the ages of 20 and 35.  The preceding context demonstrates that a lady desires an independent life with financial independence. They do not wish to be dependent on their husband and wish to establish a life for themselves prior to marriage. However, this is not achievable in NRI marriages because wives are fully reliant on their husbands due to a lack of abroad experience. Additionally, husbands typically deny them space and do not permit them to work. The majority of these marriages are performed to allow the family's pride to flourish while leaving the bride's feelings untreated. Oftentimes, the woman struggles to adjust to the foreign culture and faces difficulties throughout the adjustment process, whereas the groom has already adjusted after living abroad for an extended period of time. This also creates difficulties in marriages, as the groom becomes unpleasant toward the wife.

Women are also unaware of the frauds that these marriages bring into their lives, such as leaving the bride in India shortly after marriage, lying about their status and property in order to extort large sums of dowry and con women into marrying them, or even taking children away from their mothers in certain cases. The worst-case scenario is psychological and physical abuse of women, as well as mild methods of divorcing them when they have nowhere to go.

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