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Right and duties of lawyers

 Rights and duties of lawyer

The number of jokes from lawyers who barely abound portrays the law as a noble profession, but

setting aside the fact that lawyers are often seen in an ill-lit legal practice notice should try to be a

positive agent of change and avenue for inspiration.

While performing the work lawyer have some rights and duties that he must follow. A lawyer has

not only certain functions for the court, but for clients and society as well. Lawyers have some rights

under section 23, 30 and 33 of THE ADVOCATE ACT, 1961. And India's Constitution also provides a

basic right under Article 19 (1)(g) which protects the right of an individual to exercise a profession or

to exercise a profession, a trade or an enterprise.

Rights of lawyers

In India, if somebody wants to get legal authorities or file a petition, they have to have a lawyer for

that. A lawyer is the individual who provides legal assistance to the people of country .

The advocates Act is only for the advocates enrolled in India and are entitled to practise the

profession. That includes writing legal documents and appearing in court and giving legal advises as

well as protecting human rights and also working for the welfare of the society and development of

the country .

Duty of lawyers are as follows -

. Lawyers must advise and advocate on behalf of clients" and in private legal matters.

. Lawyers are responsible for researching and analyzing legal issues.

. Lawyers are responsible for preparing and filing legal documents such as prosecutions, appeals,

Wales, contracts and acts.

. Lawyers are responsible for communicating with their clients, judges and other litigants.

Duty towards the client

. Don't show up on a case if you may be standing up for a witness.

. Provide the best legal advice to the client based on his/her capabilities.

. Do not appear for the opposite party in the same matter after withdrawing the case.

. Do not loan money to your client in an action or legal proceeding.

. Maintains accurate accounts of client funds entrusted to him/her and provides copies of those


. Do not follow directions from anyone other than the client.

Duty towards the court

. Maintain a respectful approach to the courts and the justice system.

. To conduct oneself with dignity and self-respect and not be subservient.

. Not appear in a court of law in which a close relative is a member.

. Avoid contacting the judge privately about an ongoing or prohibited matter.


From what we can see, counsel plays a very important role in the legal world. Defenders are the

pillars of the legal world because they are the various basic rights and duties that the Constitution

confers on the citizen.Most lay people do not have much knowledge of the law and are capable of

understanding legal language.

Advocate is and professional work and as professional workers spokesman for various obligations to

fulfill to the clients.


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