Monday, 20 June 2022

Right to Die

                     Right to Die

Every country provides its people various kinds and number of rights to ensure their welfare. In India also there are rights which its government has given to people like:

  1. Article 14- Right to Equality before law

  2. Article 15- Prohibition against discrimination

  3. Article 16- Equality of opportunity in public employment

  4. Article 17- Abolition of Untouchability

  5. Article 18- Abolition of Titles

  6. Article 19- Right to freedom

  7. Article 20- Protection in respect of conviction for offences

  8. Article 21- Right to life and Personal Liberty

  9. Article 22- Protection against arrest and detention

Like that there are more number of rights which a country grants to its citizens. But apart from these particular rights, the biggest right which can also be said as a whole sum of all the rights is the Article 21 which is a Right to life and Personal Liberty. If we talk about this right, it covers everything. Everything is covered specifically but if anything is left behind then Article 21 covers that. Basically, this right means that ‘Bo person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty except according to a procedure established by law’. In this many things are covered such as:

  1. Right to live with human dignity.

  2. Right to livelihood.

  3. Right to privacy.

  4. Right to shelter.

  5. Right to health.

  6. Right to decent environment including pollution free water and air and protection against hazardous industries.

  7. Right to free legal aid.

  8. Right to information.

There are many more like this which automatically comes under this when we talk about living a life with dignity. But now one new debate has emerged that whether the right to die comes under the right to life and personal liberty or not. It is very important to consider this because a lot of people say that if we have a right to life with dignity we should be having right to die with dignity. In this regard, it is significant to consider the stand of various countries.

In Australia, euthanasia is completely legal as it is considered a health issue. During 1996-97 it fell under the Terminally Ill Act, 1995 but now it comes under the Voluntary Assisted Dying Act, 2017. In 2002, Belgian government also legalized euthanasia. Likewise, Canada, Colombia, Germany, Netherlands and many more countries have legalized voluntary euthanasia.

In case of India, the Supreme Court has legalized passive euthanasia under strict conditions. Also, the consent of the patient is needed and if not patient then the relatives of the patient’s consent is required. Before 2018, there was no such provision but in 2018 case related to the Aruna Shanbaug this provision came into law.

Therefore, it was a very good step in this regard because we can imagine a condition where the individual is extremely ill. Whatever the medication is given, it is good for nothing and further the patient is getting difficulties only. The pain which he or she is getting is of extreme nature which no one would approve of in his or her senses. So, it is better to die because living will cause pain only. Even, the patient wants this only.

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