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case study on welsh students invade the court

 In 1970, 

Students of University of Aberystwyth, Wales were very enthusiastic about the Welsh language & they were very upset about the programmes that were being broadcast in Wales are in English & not in Welsh. They protested against it and came up to London & invade the Court. There were 19 students came all the way from Wales to London in order to protest against the suppression of Welsh language over the English. The young men & women produced before a Welsh Lord Justice Arthian Davies, Justice Salmon & Justice Lord Danning on 2 February, 1970. The verdict came on 4 February, 1970 where 8 students apologized before the bench & Court Imposed fine of 50 pound on each of them. On the contrary, 11 students were sentenced imprisonment for 3 months each for contempt of court by the judges. Students mentioned that  it is a matter of principle & they are reluctant to apologized for their conduct. They were charged for flocked into the public gallery, shouted slogans, sang songs, scattered pamphlets, broke up public hearing & due to the students protest Judges adjourned hearings. It was the 1st case in which the court of appeal had to consider “contempt in the face of the Court”.    

The contempt in the face of court has its importance where law & order must be maintained. The course of justice must not be interfered with in any given circumstances. The contempt in the face of court is a great power to instantly imprison a person without trial but it is a necessary power to maintain law & order in the society. 11 of these Students challenged the verdict & exercised right to appeal before the court. Previously there was no safeguard against a judge exercising his jurisdiction wrongly or unwisely. Now the appeal lies in this court brought by the students & jurisdiction required to be safeguarded. 

Students appeal before the court on the ground of restraining their personal liberty. The appeal was conducted by Advocate Mr. Watkin Powell assisted by Advocate General who came as a friend of Court. 

The power given to a judge in case of criminal contempt is a power to fine or immediate imprisonment, to give immediate sentence or postponed it. As the sentence is excessive & postponing the sentence gave another chance to people in order to bind in good behavior, keep in peace & in case of getting into troubles again they will be called upon by the court for punishment. As far as students are concern, they are allowed to protest in a lawful manner not by unlawful. Let them support the law & not strike it down, they have appealed before the court & shown respect for it. These young people are not ordinary criminals, there is no evidence of violence or dishonesty or vice in them. They just try to preserve the Welsh language and do all they can do. The court show mercy on them & permit them to go back to their studies, to their parents & continue their normal life that has been disturbed by the unlawful protest. 

The Court also mark them that there is power in this court to recall them if the court found it necessary. The students are advised to bind in good behavior & keep in peace…////  



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