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Cloud cyber security

 Cloud cyber security

Cyber security is the practice of defending computers, services, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from malicious attacks. The malicious attacks can be of various types like hacking, child pornography, stalking, etc. 

In these times, when technology is increasing this field is blooming. Cyber security is also one of the significant challenges in the contemporary world, due to its complexity, both in terms of political usage and technology .it's primary goal is to ensure the system's dependability, integrity, and data privacy. 

There are 5 types of cyber security, such as critical infrastructure cyber security, network security, cloud security, loT security, and application security. 

The clarifying lawful overseas use of data act or Cloud act is a United States federal law enacted in 2018 bypassing the consolidating appropriation act,2018. This act was passed by the U.S government to reduce cybercrime. 

In the famous case known as Microsoft Corp v. the United States, in this case, the FBI contended that Microsoft had full control of data and should be compelled to turn it over in response to the warrant, but Microsoft argued that the SCA did not cover data stored outside the United States. The challenge recognized that while the FBI could request a mutual legal assistance treaty to aid in data discovery during cross-border law enforcement, the process to acquire a new malt, if one is not in place, or process a request through an existing MLAT can be slow and impede law enforcement efforts. 

Orrin Hatch had once attempted to create legislation before the cloud act to amend the SCA concerning Microsoft. The law access to the stored abroad act in 2015 and the international communications privacy act in 2017 were both previous bills intended to amend the SCA but which failed to gain passage. 

 Various security laws are implemented to secure data in the cloud, as the cloud is internet-based security laws, and it is used for protecting data in the cloud.  There are many issues associated with data storage and therefore people have shifted to cloud storage and things got easier since then. This was best for small enterprises as their data were protected and it has also enhanced their savings.

After being introduced in the 115th United States Congress, the act was included as a section of the consolidated Appropriation act, an omnibus spending bill, which passed both houses of Congress and was signed into law.

 On April 17, 2018, the supreme court based on a concurring brief submitted by the department of justice, vacated the United States v. Microsoft Corp. and remanded it back to the lower court to do the same. Which became moot


 In international reactions, The European data protection supervisor viewed the cloud act as a law in possible conflict with the GDPR. The Germans have tried to protect the US-based Amazon web services for storing sensitive data for the federal police. There is a parallel law known as china's national intelligence law. 

This law has been created to secure the data by the company and minimize the impact of data security.


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