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Equality is a myth

 Equality is a myth

We all talk about equality but we don't talk about how to implement it in society. because we don't want equal opportunity for everyone. it's human nature to have a good position for ourselves and downgrade other people. Because we feel good when someone is not equal as we are. We all want supremacy and monarchy.

Equality has a very deep meaning. you have to understand from a different perspective or view of people Equality means getting an equal opportunity in every domain like jobs, education, society, etc. From Mahabharat to the present time all the conflict is happening because of not getting equality in the society at large, society divide people on their religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth, etc.

:Article 14 of Indian constitution talk about equality before the law the state shall not deny to any person equality before the law or the equal protection of the laws within the territory of India Prohibition of discrimination on grounds of religion, race, caste, sex, place of birth:. but article 14 only works for the middle or poor class of people. but when we talk about high or rich-class people they easily manipulate the law because they have the power of money . as we have seen in the Aryan khan drug case where he was treated in the custody like a king. After all, he belongs to well know family.

He got the best facilities as possible in the custody, if any common man involves in these types of cases then I don't think so he also gets that type of facility. sex(gender) discrimination especially for girls. India is a great example of :equality is a myth:. The gender gap or sex ratio is a rising problem in the Indian population. Because people think that they have to spend a lot of money on girl education and dowry and one day girl left behind their parents. In a well-developed society, people need equal rights in every field.

Why I am saying that :equality is a myth: is because in the name of equality we get only discrimination and hatred. There are a lot of differences between people based on caste, sex, religion, and we have to overcome inequality in society by providing better policies, laws, social services.

We need a proper system to provide for the basic needs of people in rural areas. Gender equality is achieved by empowering women, telling their rights, providing freedom. India is a developing country and if we want India to become developed then we need gender equality in society. Economic status is also the main cause of inequality in society, it divides people into the rich, middle, and poor categories.

In closing with I want to say that equality is a myth because in the present time people who belong from lower society don't get a chance to compete with a higher class of people.


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