Monday, 18 July 2022

Future challenge to Consumer protection act

 Future Challenges to Consumer Protection Act

To promote, preserve, and develop consumer rights, the Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) was established. The headquarters will be in the NCR, and the government will decide on regional offices. The authority is responsible for enforcing consumer rights, unfair commercial practises, and deceptive advertising. The government's work of enforcing and enhancing this authority will be committed, and its implications will undoubtedly be significant for the 2019 Act. While this is a commendable endeavour, it is unclear how this body will operate, particularly in terms of investigations and inquiries. When it comes to the investigative wing and search and seizure functions, the director general's responsibilities overlap. The CCPA has the authority to mandate product recalls, price reimbursements, and directives, as well as penalise producers and endorsers. Surprisingly, the only way to challenge such orders is to go to the national Commission. The conditions or criteria under which the National Commission would consider such instances are yet unknown. Because of the shift in pecuniary jurisdiction, it is uncertain whether previous cases will be moved. However, there are rumours that the new jurisdiction will only apply to new cases.

We may state that the Consumer Protect Act of 2019, whose writing began in 2010, is one of the most earnest initiatives done by the federal government to improve consumer rights and expedite justice delivery. Many components of the new Act, such as mediation and e-commerce, were unknown to the world in 1986. As a result, when digitalization transformed the way consumers conduct online transactions and the method of purchasing transitioned from offline to online, it was necessary to update the act. Certainly, the Consumer Rights Act of 2019 is a great move toward reform, development, and enhancement of consumer rights. Every year, socioeconomic changes occur, and we should expect fresh adjustments to the 2019 legislation as well. However, the true impact of the 2019 Act will be determined in the coming months by examining how much assistance it provides to consumers.

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