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Paris Agreement

 Paris Agreement

The Paris Pact is the world's first climate change agreement, having been signed by 196 countries in December 2015 and entering into force on 4 November 2016. This agreement was made to safeguard the earth's temperature and climate from rising. The earth's average temperature climbed by two degrees Celsius, which is extremely detrimental to the globe and is resulting in the melting of glaciers, which is extremely perilous for all living species on the planet.

This agreement's long-term objective is to keep the global average temperature increase well below 2 degrees Celsius over pre-industrial and pre-industrial revolution levels. on the imperative for global discharges to peak quickly, recognising that this will require additional time for emerging nations to attempt rapid reductions from that point in accordance with the best available science, in order to achieve a balance between emanations and expulsions in the second half of the century. As part of their commitment to the understanding's objectives, governments have filed thorough public environment activity reports (not really settled commitments, NDCs). These are insufficient to achieve the agreed-upon temperature targets, but the understanding is driving activity.

Additionally, animals have a right to life. Animals are critical components of bio diversity, the food chain, evolution, migration, and the generation of new species, as well as maintaining the population balance of individual species and the earth's equilibrium. No one has the right to cause harm to animals. They can pet them, teach them, and feed them, but they cannot harm them because they are also living animals with the same right to life as humans do. We are unable to steal. kidnap or cage animals in this manner; otherwise, it will be considered a kidnapping or abduction under the Indian Penal Code, and the perpetrator will face prosecution.

We are not permitted to conduct experiments on animals. Only scientists and some government organisations have the authority to conduct animal experiments, but this does not mean they may do whatever they want with animals. They do so with sufficient care to prevent the animal from dying. They conduct research on genetic mutations. They use these experiments to examine evolution. Occasionally, they do these tests in order to treat that particular species, as many animals contain chemicals, enzymes, acids, juices, and antibodies that can be used to treat human problems medically. For instance, during the covid period, the WHO and numerous national health organisations conducted experiments on numerous animals such as pigs, bears, and tigers in order to strengthen the human immune system. They also conducted studies on bats, as it was said that the corona virus was developed from an infected and genetically modified bat, and scientists and doctors were attempting to determine how this was accomplished and how it could be cured.

Scientists and doctors also conducted experiments on sea animals, with sharks and whales as the primary water bodies, and discovered several important components for treating people and strengthening them against corona virus, but this idea was abandoned and was not supported by the UN because using those components to make medicine would result in a massive slaughter of sharks and whales. and that massive killing may also make them endangered species, which is extremely dangerous for sharks and whales, as well as disrupt the food chain of water bodies, causing species imbalance, and humans do not have the right to kill animals in such large numbers for their own benefit, putting other species in danger.


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