Friday, 1 July 2022

Pudd'nhead Wilson strategy to caught criminal by finger impressionion

 Pudd’nhead Wilson is a lawyer who pursue his hobby of storing fingerprints on glass slates of his town Missouri because he generally gets no case or legal matters. Pudd’nhead Wilson came across with a murder case where Angel Capello & Luigi Capello accused for Judge Driscoll murder. The prime witness of Judge Driscoll murder Mrs Pratt testified that she found the accused standing over the Judge Driscoll dead body. The accused take the plea that they heard a loud cry for help from the Judge Driscoll’s room while they had been taking  a walk. They follow the scream and they proceed to the room then they found Judge Driscoll dead body laying on the floor. There is no blood stain on the body & clothes of the accused but on examining it was found that a knife has been used to kill Judge Driscoll that was belong to the Capello brothers. Capello brothers claimed that the knife was stolen the night before the Judge Driscoll murdered. On cross-examined by Wilson, Angel Capello & Luigi Capello were found innocent. 

Judge Discroll has a nephew Tom Driscoll who become a gambler & soon under debt. Tom met Roxana who is one of the slaves of Judge Driscroll’s brother Percy Driscoll. Roxana narrated her story that how she successfully switch her child Chamber & Driscoll Child Tom. Tom realized that he is not a Driscoll but a child of Roxana. Tom Devise a plan to rob his uncle Judge Driscoll in order to settle his debt. He disguised him as a women & stole a knife from Luigi Capello. As Tom entered the house to rob his uncle soon Judge Driscoll raised the alarm and start shouting. Tom in the heat of the movement attacked Judge Driscoll with his knife to protect him & leave the spot from the back gate. Judge Driscoll loud cry heard by the Copello brothers & quickly reached the spot where they found Judge Driscoll Dead body. 

Pudd’nhead Wilson realized that murderer is Tom Driscoll who disguised as women who is witnessed by Misses Clarkson leaving Judge Driscoll Premises by the back a few minutes after the cries for help were heard. In order to prove his contentions Wilson cautiously used his leisure of collecting physical signature of people in the town. The physical signature of Tom Driscoll who is Chamber before switch by Roxana at the time when he was at the age of five Months. He match the finger prints of Tom Driscoll which was accidently left by Tom last night at the Wilson house with the physical signature that was taken by Wilson when Tom was 5 months old. The physical signature matched with the finger prints that were left at the crime spot & the Court convicted Tom for Judge Driscoll Murder. Tom was under trial and sentenced life imprisonment by the verdict of the Court. Angel Capello & Luige Capello were successfully acquitted from the court. Chamber who is Tom Driscoll  before Switch inherited the estates of Driscoll but unable to endorse the Driscoll’s as he could not read nor write, and his attitude, gesture is vulgar as he spend his life as a slave. Pudd’nhead Wilson became Dawson Landing Mayor & become a celebrity overnight.


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