Tuesday, 19 July 2022

Right to Education

 Right to Education

After being inspired by Article 45 of the Indian Constitution, in the year 2002, Article 21-A was introduced and, in the year 2009, it was passed by both sessions of parliament, and it was enacted on April 1, 2010, making India the 135th country to make education a fundamental right. "Every child has a right to full-time basic education of satisfactory and equitable quality in a formal school that respects certain key norms and standards," states Article 21-A of the Indian Constitution. "Free education" indicates that any kid enrolled to the school will not be charged any fees or charges, such as tuition, uniform, books, or study materials. To put it another way, "it suggests an education devoid of anxiety, tension, and fear." The Indian Constitution's Article 21-A is broken into seven chapters and 38 sections. 

The right of a child should not be restricted to free and compulsory education, but should be expanded to include access to high-quality education regardless of the kid's economic, social, or cultural background. Under Article 21-A of the Constitution, a child's entitlement to free and compulsory education has now been elevated to a basic right. Governmental authorities' utter insignificance is resulting in violations of children's fundamental rights. The state has a constitutional obligation to offer free and compulsory education to children until they reach the age of 14. A right to education is required in a democratic society to explain the right to development as a human right. As a result, the right to develop is seen as a fundamental human right. However, the Hon'ble Supreme Court ruled in 2012 that children's rights to free and compulsory education guaranteed under Article 21-A and the Right to Education Act, 2009 can be enforced against schools defined under section 2(n) of the Act, with the exception of unassisted minority and non-minority schools not receiving any kind of aid or grants to meet their expenses from the appropriate governments or local authorities.

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