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Rising population and demand for population control

 Population control a need of Hour

India is a multifaceted country with different cultures , religions ,and linguistic identity there are almost 1.7 billion in our country which makes it the second largest country in the world after china it’s a matter of time and we will surpass China and become world’s most crowded country.

Our population is growing expeditiously and the time to control it has come our Hon’ble  prime minister has also talked about this issue during the independence day and we are advised to have a deeper thinking towards family planning.

Population growth and why it’s a problem  

Excessive population growth  can cause problems to the environment and will also impact human lifestyle and the economy some of these problems are given below:

  • Unemployment

India is a developing country there are not enough jobs available for every individual of the country as the population is rising the competition for jobs have been increasing at a fast rate even for the most menial kind of jobs. When pandemic hit the country most of the people working in unorganized sector lost their jobs. According to a report by center for monitoring Indian economy unemployment rate in the rural areas stands at 8.75% while in case of urban areas it is 10.7% With this rate unemployment will be increasing more. 

  • Poverty

India is a country where population grows significantly there is a portion of the population that still lives with an earning which is below 1$ many millions of youngsters are still jobless and they have tendency to have higher children in order to increase their working hands this happens in case of those people who were not able to meet their end needs, the infant mortality in case of the underprivileged family is high because they are not able to fulfill their clinical and nourishment needs. Lack of resources and no jobs will increase birth rate thus increasing poverty.

  • Food resources 

Every single resource in this country is scarce it is general presumption that a country with highly crowded population will have huge amount of food resources but same cannot be said for India which is still in it’s developing stage . According to the global hunger index India stands at 94th position among the 107 countries even behind countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal. Moreover according to the estimates of United Nations in it’s report known as The state of food security and nutrition in the world 2020 shows that about 14% of the countries population is undernourished  and women in their conceptive age between 15 to 49 years are anemic.

The above information shows that lack of healthy nourishment is actually a serious issue in India. 

Government measures in population control 

  Population regulation bill 2019 

The bill was introduced by the MP Rakesh. Sinha in the upper house of the parliament the bill specifically states that family having more children (more than two) will get less government  services  including salary and other benefits given under public distribution system. It also provides that people with more children shall also be debarred from election to public offices 


 Could create disparity in the childbirth ratio, as in India people still desire a male child over female child which might lead to social instability.

Problems like gender imbalance, undocumented children, etc. might be experienced.

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