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Types of Contracts On the basis of Validity

 Types of Contracts On the basis of Validity/Enforceability

On this basis Contracts can be classified into 5 groups. namely Valid, Void, Voidable, Illegal and Unenforceable Contracts.

Valid Contract: The Contracts which are enforceable in a court of law are called Valid Contracts. To attain Validity the Contract should have certain features like consensus ad idem, Certainty, free consent, two directional considerations, fulfilment of legal formalities, legal obligations, lawful object, capacity of parties, possibility of performance, etc.

Example: there is a Contract between X and Y and let us assume that their contract has all those above said features. It is Valid Contract.

Void Contract: A Contract which is not enforceable in a court of law is called Void Contract. If a Contract is deficient in any one or more of the above features (Except free consent and legal formalities). It is called Void Contract.

Example: there is a Contract between X and Y where Y is a minor who has no capacity to contract. It is Void Contract.

Voidable Contract: A Contract which is deficient in only free consent, is called Voidable Contract. That means it is a Contract which is made under certain pressure either physical or mental. At the option of suffering party, a voidable contract may become either Valid or Void in future. For example: there is a Contract between A and B where B has forcibly made A involved in the Contract. It is voidable at the option of A.

Illegal: If the contract has unlawful object it is called Illegal Contract.

Example: There is a contract between X and Z according to which Z has to murder Y for a consideration of Rs. 10000/- from X. It is illegal contract.

Unenforceable Contract: A contract which has not properly fulfilled legal formalities is called unenforceable contract. That means unenforceable contract suffers from some technical defect like insufficient stamp etc. After rectification of that technical defect, it becomes enforceable or valid contract.

Example: A and B have drafted their agreement on Rs. 10/- stamp where it is to be written actually on Rs. 100/- stamp. It is unenforceable contract.

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